The Man, The Sun and The Knowledge

The Man, The Sun and The Knowledge

EngongHitek Reekodz is an independant music label based in Montreal (Canada).

Created in 2000 and led by the Beatmaker/Producer Endong Endong (as known as Shogun), the labels’s missin is to bring back the Essence and Philosophy of the Holy MotherLand.

Influenced by Great Masters and Afrikan Legends , Shogun‘s work is a real journey, a panel of colors and flavors, sights and souds, and untld stories about Mighty Men living in our Traditions.

After fructuous collaborations as producer of international hits “Invasion Barbare” and “Destination Gabao”, EngongHitek Reekordz‘ long awaited first album will be released soon.

In meantime, thanx for visiting the myspace page, we will update it on the regular with brand new trax straigt out of the Sun and pictures of the making of EngongHitek‘s next blaze project: Maitre Angone Zok Endong album, produced, conducted by himself.

Stay tuned. Akiba.


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