“Colored Dust (lite)” by The Atsie Sun Orchestra

EngongHitek Reekordz is proud to announce the release of the Atsie Sun Orchestra’s “Colored Dust (lite), produced by Engone Endong.

This instrumental album was performed live on November 10th, for the premiere of “The United States of Africa/Les Etats-Unis d’Afrique” documentary (by Yanick Letourneau. Holla and thanx a lot, brother!)

Colored Dust” is a journey into the Post-Independance Africa, a spiritual travel and a musical story of the fights led by african legends such as Thomas Sankara, Fela Kuti, Um Nyobe, etc… for the freedom of all Africans and the end of cultural, political et economic oppression.

The full version of the album is set to be released in the first quarter of 2012, with more than 20 new exclusive instrumentals.

For now, the lite version on the album is available as  free download for a limited time.

Enjoy and share to the world.


~ by Asseng Diop Ona on December 22, 2011.

4 Responses to ““Colored Dust (lite)” by The Atsie Sun Orchestra”

  1. Bonne direction artistique dans l ensemble , le concept musical et la recherche de brassage des styles est ambitieuse , elle reussit sur certaines tracks mais sur d autres non . Ma preferee la track 5 .
    Big up.

  2. Woooohhhhhhhhhhh!!!! I FREE KA – massive track!!! Big ups!!!

  3. My slow ass PC increases the anticipation for the Engone Orgone explosion imploding inside my brain. When the needle drops and the beat bangs I’ll be first to drop dead and let my ears’ soul soar other worlds joyfully. ~Adofo

  4. Very experimental music, but i believe in the midst of this confusion one would find the uniqueness of great souls…rock

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