Brainfeeder L.A.


“The Brainfeeder show at The Music Box on June 23rd was an audio, visual and vibrational experience. The room had so much resonating energy that it became tangible, you could see and feel it. Scanning through the sea of people was just as amazing to watch as the actual performance. The majority represents a youthful spirit that has completely embraced the evolving Brainfeeder sub-culture. It’s interesting to see how their response to the music has them fully immersed, barely keeping it in their own skin.

Teebs started the night off with some light, translucent vibe, a feeling similar to the one expressed in his
paintings. Samiyam kept it raw and classic, dropping some new tracks from his recent LP, Sam Baker’s Album. Gaslamp Killer is just plain mad. You see the music overtake him and his performance is always interactive. Thundercat’s fingers seamlessly fly through his five-string bass, melding harmonic chords and free flowing bass lines. You can hear his jazz and rock influence, creating a fusion sound that is truly unique. His duet with Austin Peralta on the keys was a quality display of musicianship and a nice breath of fresh air. We look forward to his highly anticipated LP, The Golden Age of Apocalypse to be released at the end of August. Flying Lotus completes the circle. He takes you on a musical journey weaving through light and dark, taking its own direction and still somehow making its way back to a peaceful space in the soul. To name a few, Galaxy in Janaki, Melt, Zodiac Shit, and Do The Astral Plane, were some connecting moments.



~ by Asseng Diop Ona on August 22, 2011.

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