Aton des Independances

Afreeka wants to free.

Produced by Engone Endong for EngongHitek Reekordz


~ by Asseng Diop Ona on July 10, 2010.

3 Responses to “Aton des Independances”

  1. Sunny Maitre Angone Zok Angone, continue to look in you the beauty of the world. May kindness, strength and intelligence always guide your steps.
    A little sister from Gabao : ) Can you guess? LoL.

    • I scratched your name, oops ^^

      • For sure a I know who you are (tiiiing!!)
        And thank you so much for your wonderful comment.

        “Aangelah”, I want you to know you are very special for me and I need you to stay conscious and on the right way.

        May you perform the Divine Light Harmony in your Heart.
        The Light within me honors The Light within you.
        And you are a beautiful Light.


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