The Light and Essence of Alice Coltrane


Happy new year, Folks. May the Light of the Most High bless you all and be by your Side.

I wanna share with you something about a person a trully and deeply respect. A person who helped me to understand a lot of things in this world today and in my world insise. A person who gave a sens to the Meaning of”Emotion”.

She said:

Divine music is one of the highest mercies extended to us by God.  It is as powerful as prayer itself.  The potency of sacred music has in certain instances superceded the curative properties of medicine, mantra, and affirmations.

This is due to the heart’s principle of love, purity, and innate receptivity.  Often, the mind that knows the use of recitation and affirmations, at times has found that little value results when it exhaustedly abandons the constant repetition.

Divine music is a curative virtue; it is a gift from God that brings healing and comfort to the soul.  This music can uplift one’s spirit up to a higher dimension of being that is filled with peace and joy.  Divine music is the sound of true life, wisdom, and bliss.

This music transcends geographical boundaries, language barriers, age factors; and whether educated or uneducated, it reaches deep into the heart and soul, sacred and holy, like an Infinite sound of glory entering the Lord’s sanctuary.

Please, let’s pay a tribute to the Light and Essence of my “mum”, Alice Coltrane (Bless and Love Eternal).


~ by Asseng Diop Ona on January 7, 2010.

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